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Jacob Katriel

Outright war crimes of the IOF
Land Day
Stop the Siege
Hewar, Nov. 2006
Bat Shalom
Jit, Oct. 11, 2006
Hewar School, Haifa
Haifa, Aug 4, 2006
Sixth commandment
Haifa, TA, July28-29,2006.
Tel Aviv, July 22, 2006
Haifa 21.7.06
Haifa July 20, 2006
Haifa, July 13, 2006
Haifa, July 14, 2006.
Haifa, July 7, 2006
Human rights?
Boycottons l'apartheid
Stop the boycott
Um Al-Zinat
Seattle, April 2006
IOF war crimes
Ethnic cleansing
Occupation and Academe
Is Israel racist?
Tear gas
Paris, February 23, 2006
IOF, stop lying
Bil'in, a bibliography
Wadi Nisnas and Keleh Shesh

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal court

The Fourth Geneva Convention concerning the protection of civilian persons

DISCLAIMER: This is not a complete record of the war crimes commited by the IOF. That would take an encyclopedia. This is just an arbitrarily collected sample of recent assasinations of civilians by the IOF.

Ynet, October 13, 2006: This is not-news, coming from Canada.

The same, in English

Haaretz, October 14, 2006 (in English): Top Liberal candidate in Canada accuses Israel of war crimes

Ynet, October 13, 2006: More not-news, this time from London.

The same, in English

Maan News, July 15, 2006: Israeli air strikes on Lebanese cars kills 23 civilians [in Haaretz the number was "more than 12", then "more than 16"].

Haaretz, July 14, 2006: Interview with a person whose grandchildren will be ashamed of.

An anonymous talkback appended to the above:
מורה להתעמלות...(כמעט). היה לי העונג המפוקפק לחזות בשיטות עבודתו בג`בליה. הן כללו בן היתר כבילת ילדים בני 8 במשך ימים, סגירתם בחדר חשוך ליד הגדר כדי שאימאותיהם תשמענה את ביכייםת כאמצעי לחץ על האבות להסגיר את עצמם. נבלות.

I rest my case.

NRG (Maariv), July 5, 2006: The Swiss government finally assumes its responsibility under the Geneva Convention.

Haaretz, June 30, 2006: One more blatant violation of the international humanitarian law. This time by General Naveh.

Haaretz, June 30, 2006: A new phase in the transfer from east Jerusalem.

Haaretz, June 20, 2006: Outright war crimes (see section III).

NRG (maariv) June, 19, 2006: An Israeli expert on international law suggests that the disguised assassin squads violate the Geneva Convention.

Haaretz, June 6, 2006: Spanish court to prosecute Chinese alleged war criminals?

NRG (Maariv), June 6, 2006: The rope may be getting tighter.

Haaretz, June 5, 2006 (in English): The practice of assasinations is older than the state of Israel (by Zeev Schiff).

Ynet, June 4, 2006: Minister of internal security Avi Dichter proposes to trasform Beit Hanun into a phantom city.

NRG (Maariv), June, 4, 2006: Dichter's proposal confirmed. As expected, a majority of the readers' feedbacks support him.

Haaretz, June 5, 2006: Dichter: "Beit Hanun ... should be turned into a ghost town."

Haaretz, May 20, 2006: Amir Peretz has joined the war criminals, assasinating a five year old child with his mother and grandmother.

קדימה  מבזקים  אחורה 
צה"ל החליט: תא"ל כוכבי ילמד בארה"ב עקב חשש שייעצר בבריטניה

בצה"ל הוחלט כי מפקד אוגדת עזה, תת אלוף אביב כוכבי, ייצא בחודשים הקרובים ללימודים בארצות הברית...

... כוכבי לא יוכל לצאת ללימודים בבריטניה כמתוכנן, עקב חשש שייעצר בחשד למעורבות בפשעי מלחמה.

(חנן גרינברג)

Below: A partial list of IOF officers who are involved in building the Apartheid Wall, a violation of a ruling of the International Criminal Court. Will they be internationally prosecuted?

את חלקו של צה"ל בעבודות להקמת הגדר מרכז כיום תת-אלוף ערן אופיר, ראש המינהלת הצבאית לפרויקט "דרך אחרת"..., בכפיפות לסגן הרמטכ"ל, האלוף משה קפלינסקי. אלוף-משנה (במיל') דני תרזה, כיום במשרד הביטחון, מופקד על גיבוש התוואי וייצוג מערכת הביטחון בדיונים המשפטיים בעניין הגדר. אופיר אחראי לתכנון ולביצוע בשטח ואילו מינהלת הגדר של משרד הביטחון, בראשות אל"מ (מיל') נצח משיח, מפעילה את הקבלנים האזרחיים.

NRG (Maariv), May 12, 2006: Interview with the IOF officer in charge of the criminal construction of the apartheid wall, a violation of a ruling of the international criminal court.

Gideon Levi in Haaretz, April 16, 2006 (in English): "A state does not shell towns. Period."

Haaretz, April 16, 2006: In case you didn't figure it out on your own: The IOF commits war crimes by shelling civilian residential areas in the Gaza strip.

Haaretz, April 16, 2006, in English: The shelling of residential areas is a war crime.

Ynet, April 16, 2006: Just to put the record straight: The IOF assasinated Egyptian POWs in 1956. The war criminals are still at large.

Ynet, April 10, 2006: A nine year old girl assasinated by the IOF in Beit-Lahia, Gaza strip

Haaretz, April 10, 2006: The Beit-Lahia assasination. The IOF "regrets" it assasinates childern, but announced it will continue to "regret".

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