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Jacob Katriel

Haifa, July 14, 2006: "Exchange prisoners, end the occupation."
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The weekly Women in Black vigil had exceptionally high attendance today. Held in the Women-in-Black circle at the top of the German Colony (The intersection of Ben Gurion Blvd, and Hagefen St., at the bottom of the Bahai Gardens).

Yair Gil's Women-in-Black photo archive

Poem by Taha Muhammad Ali, hanging nearby
"After we die, hatred will be the first to disintegrate".

Taha Muhammad Ali, born in 1931 in Saffuriya ["Zipori"].

The solution: Exchange of prisoners...
... termination of the occupation.

Left: "The march of folly continues".
Middle: "War will not bring peace". Right: "No more war".

Right, botom: "Eye for an eye, until we all turn blind".

"No more war"
This fellow usually writes theorems

"The occupation kills"

"War will not bring peace".


Left: "the occupation kills".
Right: "Negotiation is feasible".

Crisis in the Palestinian leadership?

They used to send us to screw Arafat ...
... but now they are not sure who their most hated Palestinian leader is ...

Argument with a slightly-more-zionist would-be-participant ("we have to restore our ..."):



Counter-demonstration of the anarchist(?) left ("Demanding exchange of prisoners implies recognition of the right of states to maintain prisons"):

Protest banner being prepared
Inscription on the back: "Stop the war".

"Women-in-Black are the left-wing ...
... of the Israeli Government".

Some people's mental faculties seem to be impaired by the sound of cannons roaring, as explained below:

>From the desk of Reuven Kaminer

Abject Opportunism and a Total Loss of Political Self-Respect

Instead of a normal response OF any self-respecting peace organization, instead of issuing a position paper or clarifying its position in a clear and acceptable manner, Peace Now has opted for something absolutely 'original'. In an email to its membership, Peace Now wrote: "In the wake of the events, a delegation from PN will be hosted in a zimmer in the north (this week-end), in order to support the residents and to monitor events and to warn against unnecessary escalation." (July 13,

A young activist, G.R., took the idea one step further, and suggested that the PN delegation bring greetings (and candy) to the soldiers and delay any politics to a "later stage". The veteran activist, Yair Inov, burst into the email discussion: "What has happened to us? Are we in competition with the Committee for the Soldiers Wellfare? Don't we have a political message?" Some activists supported Inov's complaint and mocked the idea of a trip to the north. But the PN General Director, Yariv Oppenheimer summed up the matter: "To all the cynics: The trip to the north is linked to a political message that calls on the government to act with logic, to use its head and not its guts.  Only in this way can we say something a bit different in this very complicated reality."

No statement! No meeting of the Secretariat! No collective discussion!

Peace Now's leadership had effectively taken the movement out of the peace camp in the not so distant past by totally swallowing the Sharon-Ulmert-Ramon bait for a unilateralist approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. No wonder that its tongue is tied today when the canon roar. 

Friday, July 14, 2006

Neighborhood flags

World-cup rivalry

Outside the local Lubavitcher Center

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