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Jacob Katriel

Peace vigil in Montreal, held by Palestinian and Jewish Unity

Land Day
Stop the Siege
Hewar, Nov. 2006
Bat Shalom
Jit, Oct. 11, 2006
Hewar School, Haifa
Haifa, Aug 4, 2006
Sixth commandment
Haifa, TA, July28-29,2006.
Tel Aviv, July 22, 2006
Haifa 21.7.06
Haifa July 20, 2006
Haifa, July 13, 2006
Haifa, July 14, 2006.
Haifa, July 7, 2006
Human rights?
Boycottons l'apartheid
Stop the boycott
Um Al-Zinat
Seattle, April 2006
IOF war crimes
Ethnic cleansing
Occupation and Academe
Is Israel racist?
Tear gas
Paris, February 23, 2006
IOF, stop lying
Bil'in, a bibliography
Wadi Nisnas and Keleh Shesh

Above, left: The wall must fall.

McGill Daily: Five years of weekly peace vigils in front of the Israeli consulate in Montreal by Palestinian and Jewish Unity

End the Occupation of Palestine!   PAJU Vigil Turns Five

February 10, 2006 marked the fifth anniversary of the weekly vigil organized by Palestinian and Jewish Unity in front of the Israeli Embassy in Montreal. The vigil is held every Friday at noon to protest Israel's illegal and brutal occupation of Palestine. ...

PAJU's co-presidents, Bruce Katz and Rezeq Faraj said the vigil is more important now than ever. "The situation in the Occupied Territories has gotten much worse over the last five years," Katz said. "Israel has massively expanded its illegal settlements in the West Bank, seized more land and herded the Palestinians into tiny enclaves around their towns. ...  Israel has set up over 700 military checkpoints and built a massive 'security wall' in the West Bank, taking more land, imprisoning people in 'Bantustans' and destroying the economic life of the Palestinians. Hunger and unemployment are rampant. Literally thousands of people from both sides have been wounded or killed. The vast majority of the victims are Palestinian civilians -- including children -- ruthlessly shot down by the Israeli army."

"Our vigil raises public awareness of the political and humanitarian situation stemming from this never-ending occupation," Paraj said. "Protests like this one are taking place all around the world. The blunt truth is that Israel uses its overwhelming firepower to subjugate the Palestinians and to expropriate their land. That is why PAJU and hundreds of other human rights groups are organizing a world-wide boycott of Israeli products, much the way that the boycott of South African goods was organized. At this critical time, PAJU invites ordinary citizens to join us in protesting this new apartheid by boycotting Israeli products and pressuring the Government of Canada to demand that Israel comply with international law and end the occupation."

Join PAJU every Friday at noon on the northwest corner of René Lévesque and Peel. For more information, call Daniel Saykaly at (514) 961-3928.





Flier distributed on the June 2, 2006 vigil: An Israeli citizen speaks up, denouncing antisemitism

Response to the message in the flier by Mr. Allan Baker,
                                                       The Israeli ambassador to Canada
Dr. Katriel,

I am sorry to disappoint you but I really don't know what you're referring

In any event and needless to say I totally reject your allegations, which,
thank goodness, seem to be held by you only, together with a small number of
other apologists for the Palestinians.
Mon, 5 Jun 2006

What the ambassador claims he failed to understand was my reference, in a message to him, to the charges of antisemitism raised against the CUPE resolution, according to NRG.

Mr. Allan Baker is an expert on international law. It would be nice to have his response to the Palestinian prisoners' document. Why does Israel boycott this offer of peace? Are its "negotiation" experts (whose main achievement so far has been to stall any prospect for successful dialogue) afraid that the internal logic of this document is too strong for them to rationally deal with?

The National Conciliation Document of the Prisoners, in English.

Two easy questions to ambassador Baker:
1. Can you defend the route of the "security" wall through Bil'in?
Would a route that avoids cutting out about a half of Bil'in's land provide less  security to Israel?
2. Can you defend the fact that Bil'in gets a tiny fraction of the water allotted, per capita, to the illegal settlement Matityahu/Modi'in Ilit, built on Bil'in's robbed land?

Ynet, June 8, 2006: The South African Union (COSATU) supports CUPE's position on the Israeli apatheid.

Ynet, June 8, 2006: English (original) version of the COSAFU statement.

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