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Jacob Katriel

Will the army and the police ever stop lying?

Land Day
Stop the Siege
Hewar, Nov. 2006
Bat Shalom
Jit, Oct. 11, 2006
Hewar School, Haifa
Haifa, Aug 4, 2006
Sixth commandment
Haifa, TA, July28-29,2006.
Tel Aviv, July 22, 2006
Haifa 21.7.06
Haifa July 20, 2006
Haifa, July 13, 2006
Haifa, July 14, 2006.
Haifa, July 7, 2006
Human rights?
Boycottons l'apartheid
Stop the boycott
Um Al-Zinat
Seattle, April 2006
IOF war crimes
Ethnic cleansing
Occupation and Academe
Is Israel racist?
Tear gas
Paris, February 23, 2006
IOF, stop lying
Bil'in, a bibliography
Wadi Nisnas and Keleh Shesh

Disclaimer: This list of references is not nearly comprehesive.  Nor does it claim to contain the worst samples. It just traces the overall trend.

Haaretz, March 27, 2007: Mother of Tom Hurndall, British photographer shot by IDF, to publish book

The British military attache in Israel, Tom Fitzalan-Howard:
 "the investigations (of the IOF) are invariably a sham."

Haaretz, March 27, 2007:

הנספח הצבאי הבריטי בישראל, תום פיצאלן-הווארד: "החקירות (של צה"ל) הן מעשי רמאות"...

The state controller report, 2006:

 אם תחקירי צה"ל בנוגע לנסיבות מותם של פלשתינאים או לפרשות התעללות הם לעתים קרובות מפוקפקים, במקרה הטוב, הרי שהמצב במג"ב חמור בהרבה.

Ynet, October 4, 2006: The policeman who killed a Palestinian, unprovoked, and then lied, is at large.

The same, in Haaretz.

The same, in Haaretz, in English.

Thed same, in NRG

NRG, October 3, 2006: Judge in Tel Aviv: The High Command of the Tel Aviv Police, and the State Prosecution lied to the court.

Haaretz, October 3, 2006: The same accusation of the police and the state prosecution.

Haaretz, October 3, 2006, in English: "A feeling of serious discomfort has arisen from the mighty gap between the officers' testimony and what is seen in the video tapes,"

NRG (Maariv) 27.9.06: No limit to the despicability of the IOF.

Haaretz, July 4, 2006: The IOF keeps lying to the supreme court. Will the supreme court keep believing the IOF?

NRG (Maariv) June 17, 2006: On the heavy price of the loss of credibility of the "justice systmes"

Ynet, June 15, 2006: When the police, due to racist behaviour and impunity, loses its credibility.

Haaretz, June 16, 2006: Once more "the State of Israel" lied to the supreme court. This qualifies as news item just like "dog barked".

Haartez, June 13, 2006: The "security" fence, the biggest lie ever?

Haaretz, June 7, 2006 (in English): The Jerusalem police has links to an ultra extreme-right group.

Ynet, May 21, 2006: One of the most despicable lies endorsed by the IOF to escape responsibility for assasinating a child, now authoritatively exposed.

Haaretz, May 19, 2006: Two more war crimes of the IOF, followed by attempts to distort undeniable facts. So very routine.

Haaretz, May 12, 2006: An unbelievable interview with a general who just retired from the being head of the Occupation Administration in the West Bank.

This is a "must read". He knew everything we have been saying. Why did he shut up? Why did he speak up now, when he can no longer make any more difference than any of us?

Just one paragraph (not the most important one):
פז מספר שלאחר שאבו מאזן נבחר לראש הממשלה, בכיר בלשכתו אמר לו שאחת ההצלחות הגדולות שאבו מאזן זקף לזכותו היתה פתיחת מחסום סורדא ברמאללה. "אין לך מושג כמה הדבר הזה חיזק אותו בעיני הציבור, הוא אמר. אגב, אני הקמתי את מחסום קלנדיה במארס 2001 (המחסום העיקרי על ציר רמאללה-ירושלים, ע"א), אבל זה היה מהלך אד-הוק שנועד למנוע פיגוע בעקבות התראה ספציפית. מאז הוא לא הוסר ונהפך למסוף גבול קבוע.

Please see the petition demanding the removal of the Surda roadblock, June 2002. The full history of this despicable roadblock has yet to be written.

This petition (with the full list of signatories) also appears on the website of Birzeit University.

Haaretz, May 1, 2006: One righteous judge exposes most despicable lies of the military police and prosecution (which are routine with these criminal bodies).

Ynet, April 22, 2006: Yet another case in which the likelyhood that the police, that certainly behaved brutally, is an outright lier is so high it may taken for certain.

Haaretz, April 6, 2006: Final verdict: the British photographer killed in Rafah in 2003 was assasinated by the IOF. As if we didn't know from the very beginning.

Ynet, April 6, 2006: The British photographer was assasinated by the IOF. It is alwyas instructive to comapare the versions of different newspapers, and, in particular the "talkbacks".

NRG (Maariv) April 6, 2006: The British photographer was asasinated by the IOF. Read some of the "talkbacks" to get to know a segment of Israeli society, that doesn't make me proud.

Ynet, March 8, 2006: An academic study establishes that the media accepts, uncritically, the lies of the army.

The Independent, December 28, 2005: Israeli police 'tied Palestinian to galloping mule'

Haaretz, December 26, 2005: Once more, a policeman killed an innocent person, shooting him in the back.

Gideon Levy in Haaretz, December 22, 2005, on one of the most despicable crimes of the infamous "Border Police".

Same as above, in English.

A precedent to the "Border Police" crime, reported by Yehuda Leib Peretz (see "the second present"). In that case the victim was Jewish, but the horse was, at least, provided by the perpetrators of the crime.

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